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FetchBoy Home makes even complex data recovery a simple procedure for everyone from home users to professional computer technicians.
It recovers files and data lost through accidental deletion, formatting of a hard disk, hardware malfunctions, software failures, virus attacks and power outages.
FetchBoy Home can recover lost files from your hard disk, USB flash drive, memory cards and external hard drives as well as from a virtual machine or disk image file. Although, FetchBoy uses sophisticated software to complete complex recovery of files, its straight-forward, step-by-step process means your lost files are never more that a few clicks of the mouse away. Your files can be transferred quickly and easily to any new location or drive.
FetchBoy Home works in a safe read-only mode without making any modifications to the memory. It will assess the condition of data and how well it can be recovered before starting to retrieve it.
Additional features of FetchBoy Home
FetchBoy Home automatically finds lost partitions or allows partitions to be defined manually.
FetchBoy Home can be upgraded if you need reconstruction and recovery from complex RAID-systems. 
About the Small Medium Enterprise (SME) License
The SME licence has been designed to meet the needs of businesses.
The licence allows you activate FetchBoy ten times on any computers or Operating System. Each activation lasts for 30 days. A further bonus activation becomes available every 60 days. The bonus activations don't accumulate and are limited to six per year. All activations will expire 366 days after the first activation.
Your Licence Key will be emailed to the address that you register. Please keep this Licence Key as you will need it to activate FetchBoy and recover your lost data. The "Easy Activation Guide" that explains how to activate FetchBoy.
If you change your Operating System and/or hardware, you will need to use a new activation.
You are agreeing to buy a licence for FetchBoy Home edition. For the full End User Licence Agreement (EULA) click here. You can also contact us to ask for a bespoke Enteprise licence to meet your specific needs.




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