How to Permanently delete files on PC – Drive Scrubber

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How to Permanently delete files on PC – Drive Scrubber

Deleting files from your computer does not have to be a tedious task as many think. The delete function on your computer might not get rid of the data completely from your PC. In that case therefore, you need a proper solution that will help you to get rid of unwanted files permanently and never to be recovered.

This calls for the use of specialized software that is ideally created for that purpose. When you are choosing software that will enable you to permanently delete files on your PC, you need to find the one that is most suitable.  

You want software that will wipe the entire drive and completely delete all files and clean your hard drive of all traces of your data. 

You need to make sure the software has the right features for the intended function. These are the sort of features that will enable you to permanently delete files on PC. If this is what you need, the use of the DriveScrubber is an option that you cannot choose to overlook. Iolo, the creators of the software aim to offer you the most ideal solution so that you can delete files in the most ideal manner.


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What is DriveScrubber?

DriveScrubber CouponJust as the name implies, this software scrubs your hard drive and gets rid of all the data that you do not need. It is effective since no one can use a data recovery tool later on to get the erased data. Therefore, if you want to permanently delete pictures, files, passwords and many more, this is the tool you ought to use.  If you want to wipe PC drives of any sort of data, you can count on DriveScrubber by Iolo to offer you the best.

A general overview of DriveScrubber

  • Software wipes the whole drive- If you want to wipe all the data you have in your drive before reselling it, this is the software tool you ought to use. By doing this you, you will make sure that your data does not come into contact with some prying eyes.
  • Clean and restore your drive- Other than deleting data permanently, even drives which have been damaged by stubborn software and viruses can effectively be cleaned and restored to the right condition with the use of DriveScrubber.
  • Erases old data and keeps the new- If you want to delete files on PC, and leave the operating system intact, DriveScrubber is the most idea tool to use. 
  • Free up more space in your drive- When you completely delete files on PC, you will be able to have more space available. You can then use the space to store more data.

Permanently delete files on PC with DriveScrubber

Features of DriveScrubber

This piece of software comes with a myriad of features from Iolo. For instance, it has a wide range of customizable tools to enable you to offer adjustable security options.  Since the software employs secure data wiping methods, the possibility of recognition is minimized. It also includes a range of scalable options which you can use to boost the performance of your hard drive once you have deleted the data.

The creators of DriveScrubber, Iolo: are also the creators of many other powerful system utility and system maintenance software including System Mechanic and System Mechanic Professional.  

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What do users have to say about DriveScrubber?

Most of the people who have used this software to delete files on PC are of the view that it works beautifully. After the data clean up, the computer becomes much faster and performs better.  Most of them are happy with the use of the software.

Why choose DriveScrubber?

Finally, it goes without saying that this software is categorized among the best utility software to use when you want to permanently delete data from your computer today. The product offers you military grade data removal, is Microsoft certified and can be used on any PC. You also get a 30 days money-back guarantee.

If your ready for DriveScrubber, check out our DriveScrubber Coupons.


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