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A-Z Contacts Manager is the perfect solution for effectively managing your personal or business contacts.
And with the multi-user version of A-Z Contacts Manager, many users can share/use a common database via the local network.

Addititonal advantage: If up till now you have been using other less effective programs to manage your contacts database, then you can import your data into A-Z Contacts Manager. Just with one click of the button you can import contacts data from Microsoft Outlook Address Book, Microsoft Outlook Express Address Book, Windows Address Book (WAB), VCards and all popular database and spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Open Office, CSV files etc.

A-Z Contacts Manager  comes with many advanced functions and features but everything is compact and optimized for you. Some of the great features of A-Z Contacts Manager are:

  • Detailed, customizable contact information entries capability to help you store all vital information about your contact in a in category folders for easy recognition. You can create as many categories as you want.
  • If your contacts are business entities then, in a separate section [Companies], you can also categorize them into groups (suppliers, competitors, partners, clients, officials, creditors, debtors, key accounts, prestigious accounts, prospects etc). Full information may include, but not limited to: name, location, region, telephones, emails, area of business, activities, banker, decision makers, rating in the market, source of information (leads) etc.
  • If required, you can automatically link your business contacts to companies in the database, so you can know at a glance which contacts work in what company, set reminder for important dates and events such as company anniversary
  • Miscellaneous information organizer. A-Z Contacts Manager comes with rich text format Notepad to help you keep miscellaneous information tidy and separate in easy-to-manage folders. Again, you can create unlimited category folders and store information such as your hobbies, sports, holidays, leisure, shopping, recipes, to-do-list, important tasks, books and their authors, films, software licenses, political events etc. No sticky notes or lost information.
  • Sound and pop-up reminders to remind you about your contacts important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, family day etc) you have earlier saved in the database but have forgotten about.
  • Notepad with rich text format options – helps you to keep miscellaneous information tidy and seperate in easy-to-manage folders. No loose notes, no lost leaflets with vital information.
  • Simple, built-in bulk e-mailer you can use to send a single message with attachment to all or selected group(s) among your contacts with only one click of the button, saving you time and communication expenses. For example, price updates to clients or Happy New Year message with greeting card to all your contacts with just ONE CLICK of the button.
  • Built-in letter processor and archive helps you in creating letters to be sent to your contacts, and save the letters for later use or retrieve letters for your contacts when needed
  • Database password security option to protect your information from instrusion, curious eyes and unwanted guests. With security options set on, only you can have access to information in your database.
  • Regular database back-up option to help you recover vital information in the event of file corruption, virus attack, system crash, power failure etc.
  • Database repair and clean-up options to correct database errors (if any), regularly defrag, fine-tune and keep your database performance in top gear.
  • Export database information to Word, Excel, Text, HTML for advanced manipulation according to your needs – print out, save, send out as email, analyze, copy and paste data file etc.

With this Multi-user version of many users/workstations/computers can access and share a common database via local network area – saving you time and cost of database duplications or/and creating new database from the scratch. As your business grows, you can also add more and more users, computers/workstations to join and share the common database.



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