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Here is our DoGoodSoft, Ace Secret Folder Overview

DoGoodSoft Ace Secret Folder is a professional folder encryption package to make the important data and privacy more security.

The software will become invisible and without any trace after being installed, and no one can perceive its existence.

The user-friendly design makes it simple and quick to display the main window of this software again by using the shortcut key 'Ctrl + Alt + H', and then you can continue to encrypt or decrypt a folder. Besides, you can change the hotkey or set your own software hotkey to make your folder more secret.

After a folder is encrypted, it will completely disappear from computer, and can only be opened or decrypted with Ace Secret Folder.

Moreover, folder encryption and decryption in Ace Secret Folder is fast as lightning, no matter what size the folder is.

The program also has a specific feature: browse encrypted folders. You can open or use an encrypted folder without decryption. After use, it will automatically be restores to the encrypted status and does not need to be re-encrypted.


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