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Take a look at our In depth Acebyte, Inc, Acebyte Utilities ( 1 Year / 1 PC ) Description Below

Acebyte Utilities is  powerful and easy-to-use software from Acebyte to optimize your computer and fix computer errors such as slow computer operation, unknown error messages, deadlock errors, computer freezes and much more.Moreover, Acebyte Utilities has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Top 6 reasons why the Windows PC users choose Acebyte Utilities 3.0:

•Ultimate Speed Up PC with Turbo Boost
Acebyte Utilities  has Turbo Boost feature which can speed up computer by shutting down unnecessary background processes and services.

•Optimize PC for Peak Performance
Startup Manager improves the Windows boot time by allowing the users to pick which programs to disable as Windows loads.
Memory Manager can defrag memory for more available RAM and avoid slower program operation.

•Fix Windows Errors and Crashes
Registry Defrag and Registry Cleaner let the users quickly defrag, find and repair the clean the registry to fix Windows errors and crashes, keep your PC working faster, smoother and trouble free.

•Powerful Hard Disk Defragment and Cleanup
Disk Defragment and Disk Cleaner – defragging the specified hard disk, finding and removing all types of junk files to release hard disk space and achieve the maximum performance again.

•Quick and Complete System Cleanup
Shortcut Cleaner, Cloned File Finder, Empty Folder Finder and Top File Finder – these features help the users to increase PC speed and access program or folder faster by removing invalid or broken shortcuts, duplicate files or empty folders from hard disks, or identify large files and move the unwanted ones to a removable drive.

•Remove all forms of PC and Internet junk to protect your privacy
Acebyte Utilities can perfectly protect users’ privacy by permanently deleting Internet history information such as browser address bar history, cache, all temporary Internet files, cookies, history, URL, Autocomplete form history, and more.

Works on Windows XP,Vista,7


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