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Dynamic medical data builder make you able to customise your software with the kind of medical data related to your work and speciality (data structure).

The structure of data design to be in hierarchy way of four levels:

(I'll show you an example and can make it with diffrent names related to your speciality)

the head of leveles is the sheet name. You can make more than one sheet (e.g. general ENT, Ear sheet, throat, gynae, obstetrics, laboratory findings … etc)

if you want your software server many branches you can add any count of sheets and assign it to devisions and allow users to access thoes division(all that available easily with AJCLINIC)

In level one you can add items like (belong to one of your sheets) – for example –

"symptoms", "examination", "investigations", "treatment" etc…

level two you can add (e.g. belong to "investigations" of level one) "laboratory investigations", "radiologic investigations", "pathologic investigations" etc…

level three (e.g. belong to laboratory investigations) "urine", "stools", "CBC", "Liver profile" …etc

level four you can add items accept text values or images e.g. (belong to Liver profile) "GPT" (accept text value) "GOT" (accept text value) "CT abdomen image"(accept image) "CT abdomen report"(accept text value)

you can also put the CT abdomen belong to the branch of "radiology investigations"(or whatever u name it) in level two

the hierarchy structure enables you from preparing your medical data structure and accessing it for recording your patients data easily and fast whatever the variety of this data because reaching to it is so easy and familiar to you as you are the one who built it.

You can search about anything with any search conditions and can get materials for your statistics to server your researches

Make diagnoses for you: AJCLINIC provides you with amazing way to exctract the precise diagnosis and make decisions useing medical international scores that you can provide the software with it and link it with your sheets noods

the previous example was just an example. you can configure any kind of data by same way. you can read more about what you can do with AJCLINIC software from the 

Build follow up report: simply by creating report name , pick the suitable sheet items which will give its value to the report through out different visits,
mark each visit as follow up to the previous one so the report will show table of visits and corresponding value of each item.
printing reports from all levels
printing requests
special way of recording items with unknown number of values like treatments 
and many other features.
you can connect to your clinic through internet 
you can use the software in one clinic or more and all can be on one server
the recption software can make booking for patients appointments for any time and print the ticket with clinic name and logo (as you make), 
patient name , department, date and time 
special way of dividing clinic time for patients and displaying the availabe appointments for the reception to prevent overlapping of time and organise the work very well
able to record up to 100s of millions of patients visits and its data
and more
I promis, you will find all what you dream of and more.
you can read more about what you can do with AJCLINIC software from the 



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