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Have you ever wanted to create a full-featured calendar solution in FileMaker, or easily add calendar functionality to an existing solution, but found it too difficult or time-consuming? Most calendars developed in FileMaker use two or more related tables. For example, one table may contain a record for each day of the week or month. A related table might contain a record for each appointment on a given day. Allegro Mini-Calendar uses only one table. This makes it easier to incorporate a calendar into existing solutions. It means that relationships which link other data to your appointments can be less complex.

The source code includes

  • Layouts that you can copy into your solutions
  • An integrated To-Do List
  • The ability to schedule recurring appointments
  • The option to start your calendar on Sunday or Monday

The most popular product by Allegro Data Solutions, Mini-Calendar is currently being used by FileMaker developers worldwide.

You do not need a separate copy of Mini-Calendar for each job. Once you buy the source code, you can use it in as many of your solutions as you like.


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