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Identify Areas for Improvement:

When your organization takes a 'continuous improvement' approach, process design and profitability benefit immediately from audit findings. Audits yield performance details for use by managers and their teams in focusing on the areas that need to be addressed. Audits generate new ideas, which in turn generate improved ROI.

Ensure Procedural Compliance:

Your 'Standard Operating Procedures' aren't always so standard. An effective auditing process examines the use of documentation on the job to determine if team members are using approved documents, and if they are using them correctly. Audit findings improve efficiency by monitoring for appropriate procedural compliance.

Correct Problem Areas:

Audits allow you to evaluate findings so that your team can focus on both immediate and long-term fixes for the problems that have been uncovered. An effective audit creates a virtual blanket that covers all aspects of the inspected process, reports on unsatisfactory elements, and generates both corrective actions and follow-up reviews to ensure problem resolution.

Create Historical Data:

Project managers will tell you…"The biggest problem is that we don't know where errors were made in the past." Auditors will tell you…"Read the Audit!" The historic data provided by an effective auditing process archives audit results and findings, and it allows teams to learn and improve from past experience.

Streamlines Audit Scheduling:

Whether it is a one-time audit, an annual procedure, or a recurring audit driven by a business process, Audit Master streamlines your audit scheduling and allows you to effectively assign and notify team-members of their responsibility. The planning and development features of this powerful application provide your team with the ability to create new audits and checklists or import previously used check sheets for audit deployment.


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