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AyRecovery Enterprise is a client/server based LAN network management solution. As client server architecture, AyRecovery Enterprise has 2 modules: The client module and the Server module. It supports Multi-System based clients PC backup to server and recovery from it. It extremely meets small and medium enterprise to ensure system and cost the manage time and budget down.

Remote Management Server Service

 Remote Management Console

 System Administrators as the Last Resort

 Operate Remote Disks

Secure Networks against Data Loss

 Operate on Multiple Computers Simultaneously

 Advanced Scheduling System for Automatic Tasks

 Easy-to-use and Save Users’ Time

The main task of Remote Management Server Service is to maintain client computers and the network connections of long-distance management consoles. It plays an essential role as a part of AyRecovery Enterprise Administrator. Without Enterprise Server Service, AyRecovery clients cannot connect to the Enterprise and the users cannot log into the long-distance management console.

As the primary interface of AyRecovery Enterprise Administrator, Remote Management Console provides you the graphic interface to observe and manage AyRecovery clients. Remote Management Console connects to the Enterprise Server Service and then control connected AyRecovery clients.

AyRecovery Enterprise involves system administrators as the last resort. When the user fails to recover the file, a remote assistance request is being sent to the system administrator. The system administrator gets the ability to list user's disks remotely, scan them for deleted files, and perform the actual recovery.

Besides giving the user a perfect chance to recover deleted files locally on their own, AyRecovery Enterprise can scan remote disks for deleted files, locate files by the mask and filter the results to recover exactly what's needed, allowing you to quickly find the freshest copy of a file.

AyRecovery Enterprise offers system administrators a reliable way to secure corporate networks against data loss that occurs when the users accidentally delete files. The remote recovery allows network administrators to locate and recover deleted files remotely over the network.

AyRecovery Enterprise is publicly shared software aiming at enterprises, that is, its main function is to serve for the whole staff within one publicly shared internet environment.

AyRecovery Enterprise keeps ahead of other congeneric products because it takes the exercise of advanced scheduling system which supports automatic operation.

AyRecovery Enterprise is easy for you and for your users. The powerful technologies used to locate and recover the deleted documents are coupled with a convenient and easy user interface that requires absolutely no prior experience with disks, partitions or file systems.

AyRecovery, a pioneer type in the field of PC instant recovery software, is developed to save users’ time rather than track and badger with computer faults, for instance, system crashes, file corruptions, virus infections and so on.

Enterprise Server Service is a native Windows system service without any user’s interface. It can be started, stopped or restarted in Windows Control Panel Services.




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