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Our Game Baby Keyboard Game ScreenSaver Let your baby pound and strike the keyboard freely , This will develop self-confidence and make for your baby to see the computer as a friendly device. It provides a fun and exciting introduction to numbers, the alphabet and the PC for children as young as 6 months! It is an excellent first software as all it requires of a child is the ability to tap on a keyboard. For every tap of the keys, the child is rewarded with an exciting treat, such as musical notes, stimulating images, and exciting sound effects. Babies are fascinated by computers. This will helps him or her form a connection between what is on the keyboard and what is on the screen. Do your kids likes to play on your keyboard? Do you worrying about your data like as open document or datasheet? Our game Let your baby play on the same computer with the same keyboard you work with safely. This will develop trust and confidence between you and your baby. It will demonstrate to press key automatically when computer is idle. You can press Ctrl + alt + Q to exit this game at any time. Baby Keyboard game screensaver is an excellent way to introduce your child to computers at an early age! Don let your baby play with this game for more than 15 minutes at a time. As everybody knows, a childs attention span is limited. Buy some other games for your baby. This way your child is not limited to playing the same game all the time.


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