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All you have to do is select, drag and drop the images you want into a designated area. Then choose among BannerZests menu of creative pre-set animated themes, click and you
e done! ?Its that simple.

On the Pro version: Publish your banner in a single .swf file, making your banner advertising programs a breeze.

BannerZest Pro gets 45 themes and you can customize your themes. Export an alternative version of your banner in a format that can be viewed when the navigator does not have Flash installed. Your banners are now available for viewing on the iPhone and the iPad !

The Flash-based animations require zero understanding of Flash. Everything has been pre-integrated into BannerZest.

Grab the attention of your audience – add music or another sound file to your banner and add some pizazz.

It allows you to reorder the displayed photos, and to assign a link to each picture. Most important, because it is so easy to use BannerZest to save time and therefore money.

BannerZest talks to all the leading website and blog editors. So whether you are using Dreamweaver, Coffee Cup or any other tool, BannerZest allows you to get your banners online easily. Uploading work via FTP or SFTP fully supported from within BannerZest. To integrate a banner on a page you simply paste a code snippet that BannerZest has automatically prepared for you.

Whats more?

Your upload settings are saved with your document, so if you need to change your banner, you just have to hit the upload button again and BannerZest replaces the old files with the new ones. Your site will reflect the change without any modification to your HTML.



–      Support TIFF, JPEG, PNG formats

–      BannerZest Pro includes 45 stunning banner themes

–      BannerZest Pro gets a hudge choice of themes which is further extended by numerous customization options

–      BannerZest Pro publishes banners in an alternate format that can be viewed on iPhones and iPad

–      BannerZest Pro allows you to publish banner in a single .swf file

–      Cropping images

–      Publish via FTP/SFTP

–      Publish to a folder

–      Calculate the banner size


Only in Pro version:

–     Scalling of images

–     Integration with Adobe Lightroom

–     Attach the URL to the media

–     Interaction management mouse Javascript

–     Integration of Media players

–    More themes are available

–     Publish your banner in a single .swf file

–     BannerZest Pro allows you to add a sound file


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