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Maintain History:

Every piece of equipment has a unique life span that must be documented. Historical information is essential for tracking status, evaluating future performance, and meeting audit requirements.

Avoid Downtime:

There's nothing worse than halting production because a tool is in for calibration. Through proper planning and advance notification, you can schedule calibration during off-peak periods.

Assess Your Risk:

When a tool is found out of tolerance, you must identify affected product and determine whether the suspect tool could have allowed defects to pass.

Manage Inventory:

Calibrated equipment is expensive and essential for your production line. To maintain confidence in its accuracy, you must know where it is and where it has been.

Easy to Setup and Use:

As you would with 3×5 index cards, just enter the name of a tool, who has possession, and when it is due for its next calibration. When you need to document calibration notes or schedule the next calibration event, the program makes it easy to locate and update your information.

Transferring Equipment:

Use the Instrument Recall Notice to alert a tool custodian of an upcoming calibration requirement. When the tool is brought into the calibration lab, the top-part of the Recall Notice becomes a receipt while the bottom-part travels with the tool.

Handling Risk Instruments:

When equipment is found out of tolerance, use the "Risk Instrument Notification" to assign a closed-loop corrective action request. The program provides the e-tools to track this through completion.

The Right Reports:

Includes reports for planning, listing inventory, notifying production supervisors, and inclusion in paper-based files, when needed. Pull reports for use in controlling segregation of calibrated materials that have failed test, or are in a limited use status.


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