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Temporarily Extend VPN and remote user’s Active Directory password expiration without compromising security

Cobynsoft’s AD Password Extender is a Windows utility that allows you to select a user account and extend the password expiration date by the amount of days specified in your Group Policy. This is often helpful when you have end-users who are travelling and can’t log into the VPN or other Active Directory authenticated system. By extending the expiration you ensure that accounts don’t get compromised from having to communicate the password across insecure channels.

Have you ever gotten the call from the Road Warrior or frequent business traveller saying: “I am on the road and I can’t log into the VPN”? It is a common problem and happens frequently because end-users forget to change their passwords before they leave for that stressful trip. In some cases we break security protocols by asking them for their password and set the password to be the same. In other cases we set a new password, but now the cached laptop password is different from their domain or VPN password causing confusion. In either case we might have compromised the account as others might have overheard the conversation. In some cases, we even say they are out of luck until they return to the office temporarily preventing them from working. This is where the Cobynsoft’s AD Password Extender can help.


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