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Below is our SibSoft, Communimail Overview

When you run a website, communicating with your website visitors and customers is crucial to success. CommuniMail provides ease of communications between customers and your company. CommuniMail equips your company with the technological solutions you need to keep customers informed about all your company news, like important announcements and attention-grabbing press releases.


CommuniMail from SibSoft is the premier mailing list manager and newsletter script for personal websites or websites for small to medium sized businesses. This program takes care of the subscriptions to your mailing list and delivers newsletters to all your subscribers. Your company's communications are too important to be managed by any system less powerful than CommuniMail.

SibSoft designed CommuniMail for simple to perform Linux installations with user-friendly functionality that anyone can use, even if you aren't technically inclined. You don't have to be a highly skilled with computers or technology to start using CommuniMail. This program can be fully integrated with your website, and virtually anyone can install it with ease. And if you want help with installation, we offer installation services for free.


There is a strategic reason that SibSoft chose to build CommuniMail on Perl instead of PHP. Lots of people use PHP development because it is so easy to use. SibSoft developers do use PHP on some of projects. However, Perl is more robust and flexible. Perl is a more complex than PHP, but it runs faster, with mod_perl offering exceptional speed.

Our goal at Sibsoft is to provide our customers with the best speed and peak performance, so we chose the more advanced technology of Perl. Your company has a lot of important tasks that need to run seamlessly in the background, like newsletter sending. You can't afford to cut corners on these tasks, so SibSoft developed this system to run the right way – built on Perl.


If those technical aspects are a little too much to think about – consider this – CommuniMail can handle in excess of 7,000 emails every hour. This kind of power and reliability allows your business to keep customers constantly informed and in touch with your company. If you need to send emails in high volume, your email database can be larger than 50,000 emails – CommuniMail can handle it with ease. When you factor in all of this, plus the ability to send custom auto-responders for your opt-in mail list subscribers, and many other exciting, easy-to-use features, it's no wonder so many companies rely on CommuniMail.

Typical Usage: 

  •  Company Updates
  •  Community mailing
  •  Site Updates
  •  Product Announcements
  •  Update Employees
  •  Colection of visitor information
  •  Subscription for news


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