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Product Overview

CyberGate is an advanced remote control solution. It is designed to control a large number of servers, in order to allow the administrator to easily control his network. CyberGate is only available for now for Windows platforms as a Native application, without requiring any Framework (such as .NET), Virtual Machine (such as Java Virtual Machine) or any Extra Dynamic Link Libraries or shared libraries being a step forward on innovation and an advantage over other applications on the market that have reduced installation and usability.

Multi platform compatibility is part of our priorities and being developed at speed of light to deliver an even more robust solution for our customers.

CyberGate can connect over either a LAN or the Internet in a variety of connection modes. This makes it an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a multi-purpose and yet affordable remote control and help desk solution. However, it can also scale to larger environments with thousands of remote computers and servers. CyberGate utilizes a Client-Server model with two stand-alone components installed separately, being the Server separated in 3 different types:

• CyberGate client: Installed on the Main Computer (Administrator’s workstation).

• CyberGate server: Installed on the Remote Computers (Any computer with an Internet connection, TCP/IP or on a Local Area Network can be remotely administered.). CyberGate has 3 different types of servers:

– Stealth server: with a full range of options to make this server run under the scope of the remote computer users;


CyberGate Lite has the most essential features on a remote administration tool of this kind, namely:

– File Manager

– Windows list

– Process List

– System basic info

– Shell

– client settings

– transfer tab

– server builder tab

– Download and execute

– option to create server in Delphi, C++ and Python ByteArray permitting to be embedded on any other application that uses the mentioned programming languages.

Server is programmed using FASM that gives this application a natural reliability for those who are looking for a stable, easy to use remte administration tool to either control your home computer or the various machines running on your company network.

Server is compatible with all Windows versions and its size ~12kb


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