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Wondershare DemoCreator 3.5.1

DemoCreator is a powerful yet simple screen recorder program which allows you to capture desktop activities and create video tutorials, demonstrations and presentations without any programming skills. After recording every mouse movement, click and keystrokes, you can easily enhance the videos with notes, callouts and effects such as pan-zoom and animations, and then publish as video, flash-based demos, or LMS compatible packages. It's a must for technical support & marketing staff, educator and e-learning creator.

Make tutorials and demos from desktop screen recording

1. Make software instructional videos from desktop screen recording.
2. Record website guide to demonstrate online service and business.
3. Capture onscreen activities and publish as a video for YouTube sharing.
4. Edit demos and tutorials with abundant illustration objects.
5. Generate Flash movies for online presentation to accelerate video training.
6. Create computer courseware compatible with AICC/SCORM LMS for easy learning.

Flexible Recording Settings

  • Kingsoft AntiVirusRecord any area of desktop: Custom size, Application &Full screen.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusRecord your screen in your way: Take screen shot recording, Full motion recording, Additional recording and Multiple projects integration.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusRecord with sound: Record what you say (microphone) or what you hear from your computer, and edit with built-in editor.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusRecording Control Panel: Real time control of your recording process with control panel or hotkeys: countdown, pause, redo and stop.Highlight your operating actions:
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusRecord the screen activities with audio and auto-text.
Wondershare DemoCreator

Rich Illustration Objects

  • Kingsoft AntiVirusAdd callouts or notes with additional explanatory text to demos.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusApply engaging animations to inserted objects and shapes.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusBuild interactive demo with buttons, entries or animation.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusUse zoom-and-pan effect for playing demo clearly in small player.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusInsert company logo or trademark for branding.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusInstant preview to check your recorded or edited content.
Wondershare DemoCreator

On-demand Delivery Options

  • Kingsoft AntiVirusCreates Flash-based presentations or video demos and offers a wide range of publish options.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusPublish as Flash-based demos for Web sharing.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusSave as a video (up to 7 formats: AVI, MOV, MP4, WMV, MPEG-2, FLV, 3GP) to video host like YouTube.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusExport as auto-run EXE for easy distribution.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusGenerate SCORM/AICC package for LMS.
  • Kingsoft AntiVirusPublish and deliver as E-mail Zip attachment.



Wondershare DemoCreator more Features

1. HotKeys:
User defined hotkeys to enhance screen record efficiency & experience.

2. Highlights:

Add a highlight area around the cursor during desktop screen record.

3. Auto-pan:
Capture area will follow the cursor to wherever it moves during recording.

4. Zoom and pan:
Lets you focus on specific screen details like typing and cursor movements & make your point clearly.

5. Event Control:
Based on user's click action, the demo will behave differently to add interactivity to the video.


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