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DocuBank is a secure document cloud solution, where you can know your documents are as safe as if you had deposited them in a bank strongroom.

After you subscribe to our service, we create your own database, which only you and the persons you provide with user rights can access. No one can get at your DocuBank account and documents, not even employees of the service operator.


Package details:

Number of users: 5 (+1 administrator user)

Number of documents: 1000

Maximum file upload limit: 50 Mb

Encrypted storage size: 1 TB

Number of file attachments related to one document or document version: unlimited


Private database

Fail safe data storage (RAID 6)

Secure Internet connection

Strong document encryption (AES 256 bit)

Daily database backup

Mobile Authenticator


Document management functions:

Document archiving

Version management

Interlinking documents

Document history

Document search by any data

Sending documents via e-mails

Bulk upload and archiving of documents

Documents approval by multiple users

File sharing and collaboration:


Sending files via links

Encyrpted file sending (up to 50 documents with unlimited file attachements)

Set expiration date for links

Recall of shared links


Other highlighted functions:


Document statistics

Support of any file format

Possibility to add custom fields

Partner management with import function

Custom categories and types

Custom parameterized category and project access rights

Day-off management

User activity log

Employee substitution management


Supported platforms:

Smartphone (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


PC (Windows, Mac OS, Linux)


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