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What is ESSaver?
ESSaver is an innovative software application that can help you to realize your efficiency- as well as your CRS targets. ESSaver enables this by reducing the power usage and by facilitating you with valuable up-to-date information which it extracts from your  IT environment.  
what does ESSaver do?
1. Discover which computers in your organization are idle. 
4. Transparent and without interruption of your employees and/or IT department. 
7. Minimalize usage outside office hours. 
10. Improve your corporate image by contributing to your CRS.
* the saving potential is dependent on type of usage and type of hardware.
ESSaver application landscape
ESSaver® consists of three components:
1) ESSaver Dashboard: 
The Dashboard is accessible via the icon tray in the right corner of the screen of the computer. By clicking on the ESSaver icon [   ] one opens the Dashboard. By use of the simple slider of the Dashboard one can adjust the computers’ power management settings with one simple move.
2) ESSaver Energy Monitor: 
With this application one can adjust the settings, and one can extract savings reports for individual computers. Here you can see day by day what the consumption is and what the savings are. Because Essaver Energy Monitor has so many functions, the functions are categorized in relevance and access: from “user”, to “manager”, to “administrator”.
3) Management Reports: 
Accessible via (or via your company intranet). The usages and savings (when desired) can be sent to a central database of your choice. Registered users can extract MT reports via this section of the website (only with full ESSaver company license). The reports can be extracted with different variables such as application level, department level, and employee level.
ESSaver monitors energy consumption. Both in kiloWattHour, Carbon and money (Euro/Dollar)
THE STANDALONE VERSION (WITHOUT THE MANAGEMENT REPORTS DESCRIBED BELOW) IS FREEWARE and anyone with a windows computer can install it for free!
The usages and savings data cán be daily uploaded by each computer in an organisation, to a central database. A manager can review these usage and savings data via management reports. Using this data, he/she can take action to minimize wastage.
New about this concept is the effort to get workers in an organisation to know about energy usage of their computers. Although Microsoft Windows as well as other operating systems long have the possibility to reduce the energyusage of a computer, there has never been a clear connection between the power plan and energy savings. ESSaver does exactly that!


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