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Forex Scalpino Robot is a sophisticated Expert Advisor (as known as Forex Trading Robot) which is operated through a free forex trading platform (MetaTrader 4).  Forex Scalpino Robot has been developed and designed as a result of an inovative research by a professional trader with over 13 years of experience in the forex industry.  

Forex Scalpino Robot is a simple system in every way, from installation to choosing your risk settings. Its simplicity is also prided by honesty and the confidence to trade ones own system on a live account.

Our Live account and intensive backtest shows it all.  We all know how difficult it is to turn a trading strategy that works well in backtests into a one that works in a real live scenerio. 

We know that only a backest is not justification and a representation of an expert advisor's profitability on a live account.


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