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FXCharger EA is an automatic Forex system that runs on MetaTrader 4 platform. Our EA was designed to open trades every day. Takeprofit of each order is always unique, the EA adjusts it to the current situation in the Market. The system calculates Takeprofit in such a way, so that it could close a trade in profit. That is why our EA always trades in profit, but at the same time it does not leave orders in the Market for a long time. Usually orders are closed within 1-4 days. Also, each trade has Stoploss and it is calculated by a special technology. This technology will not allow you to lose more money than you have specified in the settings of the EA, even if the system crashes. Because the Stoploss limits drawdowns, your account is safe even if you lose internet connection or MetaTrader 4 terminal turns off. We took care about the protection of your account!

In the ADVANCED version of FXCharger we opened all the settings of the EA, so that you could customize it to fit your needs better, or to optimize the system for other currency pairs.



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