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The gametools suite is a set of applications to help moonlighters, particularly with game dev.


  • GXView : Test your XNB assets, and convert them into other format
  • HMEdit : Design your landscapes in no time
  • ScreenBuddy: Get Position and color infos from your cursor. Record your app into MPEG4 movies
  • UIEdit : Design and compile your game interface
  • SpriteMapper : Generate spritemaps from image sequence

and minors apps, like TimeIT (know the time you spend on a project) or AssetsBuilder (allows your graphist to build XNB assets directly)


The trial is fully functional. A small bothering dialog will popup from time to time to remember this is still a trial, but it is the only difference with the registered version.


There are 2 license modes: you can either buy normally the full license, or get a “Pay What you Want” license. Both will unlock the registered version.


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