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Hide Files/Folders/Drives

Make your private files/folders and drives completely invisible to anyone or any programs even under Windows Safe Mode.

Deny Reading Files/Folders/Drives

Locked files/folders or drives can’t be opened, read modified, renamed, moved, deleted, copied without password.

Deny Writing Files/Folders/Drives

People can read the write-protected files/folders or drives, but can not modified, deleted, or renamed it without password.

Monitor Folder Changing and Write Log

Monitor a disk or a folder and its sub-folders when any operations or changes make by a user.

Powerful Self-protection Functions

Nobody can uninstall this software without password and you can hide this program in Invisible Mode. When someone enters wrong password more than 5 times, it will send alarm notifications to your pre-defined e-mail and the unknown login will be temporarily banned.

Easy to Use

With it you can use one password to Protect File Folder & Drive. You can lock a file or folder with windows explorer context menu or simply dragging and dropping it into the program’s main window. When forget password, you can find lost password with your pre-defined e-mail.


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