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In depth K-Visor Description

K-Visor is an interactive Windows application that gives you a more effective and convenient way to deliver your products or services in places with big attendances.

This Windows viewer allows you to navigate through various image and video galleries by a simple wave of the hand.

No matter the size of your company, you can use the excellent and affordable K-Visor application as a marketing tool across multiple industries, promoting your products and services in a completely new and innovative way.

K-Visor recognizes people?s heights, their natural movements and gestures, and can be adapted to a specific target audience.

In combination with a Microsoft Kinect device and a large screen, K-Visor becomes your 24/7 marketing tool that will bring positive attention to your company, products and services.

Cinemas, waiting rooms, shopping malls, stadiums, halls and other large sports complexes are some of the big-attendance locations that attract a significant amount of people where you can use K-Visor to promote your products and services.



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