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In Human Resource Management, time off is an important factor in getting the best out of your key resource – your staff! Managing staff leave has many aspects to it – tracking leave entitlement, tracking leave requests, approvals and usage amongst other elements. Doing all this without the help of specialized software is likely to be error prone, cumbersome, and will result in your organization losing track of this important resource.

LeaveFlow is just the solution you need for leave management. You will be freed from having to do paper authorizations or recording time off spent in excel documents (that may get lost, or even be tampered with). LeaveFlow provides you with all the features you need to ensure you manage staff leave in your organization in an easy and efficient manner.

Whether you’re a small organization with 10 members of staff, or a medium size to large organization with thousands of employees, LeaveFlow will make your life much easier by providing you with many features including:


  • Self service leave requests by employees
  • Automatic notifications to approvers regarding pending leave requests via email 
  • Ability to setup one or more approvers per department and section
  • Automatic reminders of upcoming leave
  • Maintain a log of all leave days/ time off spent by staff
  • Automatic accrual of leave days available for use, with flexibility to use simple or complex accrual parameters such as length of employment and employee grade
  • Secure system that ensures data integrity
  • Helping to facilitate the hand over process when staff go on leave
  • Alerts and reminders to ensure no leave request goes unprocessed 



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