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LiMON Viewer is more than just a 3D viewer. The developed by our team algorithms for data file reorganization and displaying of points allowing to work easily and smoothly with billions of points. The Viewer offers possibility of working even on simple, non-advanced PC class hardware.


LiMON Viewer is perfect tool for persons, companies and organizations who are the final users or create products based on LiDAR technology.


  • visualization of data in 2D and 3D window
  • filtering and displaying by RGB, Intensity, Height, Class attributes including Mix option
  • integration with raster, vector and WMS data
  • generation of profiles
  • basic measurements (coordinate, distance, area)
  • creation, import, eksport of vector markers (point and area type)
  • support for EPSG coordinate systems
  • integration of trajectory, images and videos from mobile platforms
  • support for Space Navigator 3DConnection
  • displaying of data in Stereo3D mode


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