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Detailed, Link Cracker (Professional Licence) Description Below

'Link Cracker' Will …

 Create redirect links using your domain

 Create cloaking links using your domain

 Create 301 redirects (tells the search engines its a permanent link and not a redirect)

 Rotate multiple urls whilst cloaking or redirecting

 Create ‘split tests’ for unlimited URLs or landing pages

 Instantly swap from redirect to cloaked URL or visa versa
 Track click throughs for each redirect or cloaking link you create
 Reset tracking counter to zero
 Reset tracking counter to any value
 Instantly activate and deactivate links
 Set default link so that deactivated links redirect to default link
 Keep notes as reminder what link is used for
 Make ugly links look ‘attractive’
 Increase YOUR brand awareness and develop your domain as a trusted domain
 Create multiple admins if you have staff or outsourcing
‘Link Cracker’ For Affiliate Marketing Will… 
 Set links to ‘expire’ so they redirect after a product closes for example after a product launch
 Rotate different offers for split testing
 Enable cookie tracking
 Use ‘Stealth Tracking’ to bypass optin pages and link straight to the sales page yet still set your tracking cookie
 Use ‘Stealth Tracking’ to link to ANY page on the sales website yet still set your tracking cookie
 Make links more ‘clickable’
 Create ‘click me’ keyword rich links (
 Redirect to another offer once offer changes or is withdrawn
 Organise and keep all marketing links within one easy online management interface
 Make CPC display links look ‘authorative’
 Get more emails delivered when you stop using spammy links like bitly and tinyurl
 Create more click throughs and sales by using your own trusted domain


Active Link Cracker (Professional Licence) Coupons January 19, 2018

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Active Link Cracker (Professional Licence) Coupon

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