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Whether you want to sort URL- or email lists, remove duplicated elements, split, merge and substract unsubscribed lists, our List Manager can do it all! Particularly it stands out by its brilliant filtering function.

With the filtering function, you can for example sort out all email addresses with the ending “.de”. Or you create a list, which consists only of info or sales addresses. 
The filters are totally flexible, everything is possible.

Of course, your original lists keep their initial content.


Unlimited size of the lists. URL- and email lists of several million elements are possible.
Powerful filtering function.
Removes doubled domain names or doubled email addresses.
Removing of unsubscribe lists.
Merges lists.
Splitting of large lists.
Arranges lists alphabetically.
Easy to use.
Very fast even if the lists are very large.
Segmentation of the email addresses.
Help is available.


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