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The conversion rate is one of the most important KPI's at an ecommerce (~98% of the visitors are leaving without buying from a website).
That's why, by delivering different messages to the visitors, you can become familiar (geolocation), you can urgent sales (scarcity), you can use the medium he comes from and the information you have about him to make him buy.
If you grow the conversion rate of a website from 1,50% to only 1,8% it means 20% more revenue for that company.

Marketizator Galactic Optimizer is a 3 in 1 tool that combines AB Testing, Test&Target interactions & Segmented Surveys in order to find out the barriers and to relevantly address the visitors. You can use geo-location, weather, behaviour or self-owned data in order to become familiar and build trust with him.

Example: If you have a new visitor from London, you can show him a welcome-pop-up, picture of London and a relevant testimonial about your website from someone in London. See example:

Galactic Optimizer:

Limited to 200.000 visits
Number of test&target interactions    9999
Websites suported    9999
Number of surveys    9999
Advanced segmentation (geolocation, weather, behaviour)  
WYSIWYG editor  
A/B Testing  
MVT Testing  
Basic Interaction Templates  
Advanced Interaction Templates  
Customer Support (email)


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