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MIDI files were once the most advanced music technology for computers and mobile phones. Today, it is the equivalent of “elevator music.” But these sound files still turn up in karaoke programs, as mobile phone downloads, and as musician creations. With a high quality MIDI converter such as Direct MIDI to MP3, the problems posed by these files can be rectified. For one, the software can make the conversion happen ten times faster than most converters on the market. That means users who have large numbers of files that need to be changed can do so in less time. In fact, batches can be converted with a single mouse click so users don have to go through every individual MIDI file in their collection. Additionally, the program gives music lovers the ability to totally control the finished product of the conversion. The MIDI files volume, reverberation, tempo, and other settings can also be tweaked to deliver a higher quality sound – the ultimate goal of the conversion in the first place. But thanks to the tools included here, the user and not the application get to decide what constitutes better sound quality. Once the changes are made, Direct MIDI to MP3 allows users to save their finished song files as MP3s but also as WAV, WMA, and OGG formats. By giving users these options, the software makes the sound files more usable. They can now be burned to blank CDs, played on CD players at home or in the car, enjoyed on the computer itself, or even added to an MP3 player. The tags of the new MP3 file can be edited within the program for greater convenience and because the software provides instructions in 20 different languages it can be appreciated by users all over the world. During the 30 day trial period, users can even convert entire songs to try out the software while competing MIDI converter programs limit users to just ten seconds of each song during their trial periods.



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