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Net Spy Pro is cutting edge network monitoring software. The program monitors workstations running Windows or Mac OS X. With NSP you will be able to check-in on one, some or all network users at once. This shows you whether they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

After deploying Net Spy Pro onto your network, it immediately begins to record all activity of clients. Activities such as keystrokes, web sites, applications and much more are captured, including screenshots. The software silently records the activity for later viewing in your control panel.

With NSP monitoring software you’ll be able to view an actual screenshot of one, some or all workstations instantly. You can even watch keystrokes and events as they happen. This is used for live surveillance so you can see if your network users are working or wasting time. 

The program will show the administrator a full list of processes and services running on the remote machine. A full list is shown along with the ability to kill any process. Real time general system information can also be viewed to help you know the health of any system at any given time.

When you need to view the activity of a workstation, just login to your all-in-one hidden control panel. This control panel allows you to view all of the activity logs recorded for any client by date and time. Logs can be exported for databases and are standard JPG images and text files.

You will finally KNOW what your employees are doing on their workstations – no more wondering whether your employees are wasting time! Take back your productivity today.


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