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Progressive technologies of malware recognition and removal of malicious software

Today, the creation of malicious software has become an extensive and profitable business.The developers of malicious software all the forces trying to infect as many computer as they can and use them for their purposes. That's why they continuously creates new malicious programs. Speed of creation and spreading new programs is so high the traditional methods of detection and destruction can not handle the recognition and elimination of new malicious programs. Only new and modern weapons of fighting malicious programs can prevent malicious programs from infecting your computer and cure already infected machines.

Key features and technologies Safety Peak Anti-Malware include:

  • Parallel scanning technology which provides high speed and takes full advantage of multicore processors
  • Construction of the malware's executable code skeleton makes easy to track changes of the code. Malware creators often make small changes in code of their programs to disguise them.
  • Ability to undo any action performed with the computer
  • Frequent automated updates of malware database
  • Ability to recover the components and settings of operating system after infection with malware
  • Professional 24/7/365 technical support on any kind of computer issues


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