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    Smart Kit is a multifunctional file manager offering plenty of unique and useful features. Taking much after the famous FAR Manager and Total Commander – network support, a built-in FTP client and a number of standard file management tools – it expands their functionality far beyond simple cosmetic changes. Expanded “Smart Kit” functionality consists of:


  •  Multitasking component core
  • Transaction oriented file management
  • Built-in FTP client
  • Network support
  • Integrated downloads manager
  • Safety files and folders management
  • Scalable architecture.

    Unlike common file managers, «Smart Kit» realizes progressive, user-friendly approaches to the usual file operations (such as copying, renaming, deleting of folders and files and other). For example, deleting of files – a common file-manager will ask you to confirm all over again deletion and then will remove your file. Whether it is necessary to speak about messages like «You realy want to delete the selected files? – Yes, No»? As a rule, you’ll click the button «Yes!!!» automatically. Such a dialog can’t prevent erroneous deletion of a useful file and gives nothing except for irritation…
    Therefore, unlike common managers, «Smart Kit» will not ask to confirm deletion, but in case of user’s error it will restore the deleted file! The same concerns to other operations. For example, it is possible to cancel renaming of a file, the folder or group of files simply by double click of the mouse.


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