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Product Overview

Solitude is an advanced remote control solution. It is designed to control a large number of servers, in order to allow the administrator to easily control his network. Solitude is only available for now for Windows platforms as a Native application, without requiring any Framework (such as .NET), Virtual Machine (such as Java Virtual Machine) or any Extra Dynamic Link Libraries or shared libraries being a step forward on innovation and an advantage over other applications on the market that have reduced installation and usability.

Multi platform compatibility is part of our priorities and being developed at speed of light to deliver an even more robust solution for our customers.

Solitude can connect over either a LAN or the Internet in a variety of connection modes. This makes it an indispensable tool for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a multi-purpose and yet affordable remote control and help desk solution. However, it can also scale to larger environments with thousands of remote computers and servers. CyberGate utilizes a Client-Server model with two stand-alone components installed separately, being the Server separated in 3 different types:

Main Information

Server is Written in Delphi/C, Client is Written in Delphi.
– FWB#+ (DLL Injection, The DLL is Never Written to Disk).
– Base64 (MIME) and XTEA (Cipher) Encrypted Traffic
– On-The-Fly Traffic Compression.
– Uses No Additional/3rd Party Applications.
– All Traffic Goes through One Port.
– 6 Startup Methods (Shell, Policies, Registry Run (Vista), ActiveX, UserInit, Start/All Programs/Startup Folder).
– Multithreaded Transfer System (Unlimited Transfers at The same Time. Depending on The Bandwidth).
– Anti-Debugging (Anti VMware, VirtualPC, Anubis Sandbox..etc).
– Thumbnail View in The Main Connections List.
– Ability to Produce the Server as Delphi/C/Python Shellcode Array.
– Multi-IP Support.
– Search INSIDE .rar/.zip/.ace/.arj Files.
– Persistent Server (Recopy when Deleted, and Rerun when Closed, Add Registry Keys When Removed,
Lock Server File From Further Actions).
– 100% Vista/7 UAC Compatible (Workaround).
– Tested on Windows (2000 SP4-6, XP SPx 32/64 bit, Server 2003 32/64 bit, Vista 32/64bit, 7 32/64 bit)*
– Built-In FTP Upload Key Logger.
– Built-In Server Tagger (Tag Servers to Know when They Got Online).
– Built-In IRC Bot.
– Polymorphic Plugin System (Plugins are Encrypted Even at Runtime).
– Listen On Multiple Ports with Status and a Variable Connections Limit for Each Port.
– Multiple Password Managing at the Client Side.
– Pause/Resume Downloads/Uploads Even After Client Closes.
– Save Each User Settings on a Separate Directory, Including Transfers (Optional).

Key Features

Broadcast :
– Search
|_Search Files
|_File Transfers
|_Search Windows

– Passwords
|_Instant Messengers
|_Web Browsers
|_Misc. Passwords

– Miscellaneous
|_Suspend Options
|_Upload Key Logs
|_HTTP Download
|_DOS Command
|_Memory Download
|_USB Monitor

– Server Options

Functions (None of the Following Functions Require any Plugins/3rd Party Application) :
– Managers
|_File Manager (Supports Network Exploring).
|_File/Folder Search (Threaded/Wildcard Search ‘?, *’/ Search Inside .rar, .zip, .ace, .arj Files/Search By Date Interval).
|_RAR/ZIP Explorer (Remote).
|_Window Manager.
|_Registry Editor.
|_Search Registry.
|_Process Manager (Multi/Single Process Terminate, Suspend, Resume and Restart).
|_Modules (List/Unload Modules).
|_Handles (List/Close Handles).
|_Device Manager.
|_Clipboard Manager (Text and Files).
|_Service Manager (with Drivers Support).
|_Startup Manager (Registry and Start/All Programs/Start-up Folders).

– Surveillance
|_Screen Capture (GIF Compression/Image Resizing).
|_Webcam Capture (GIF Compression/Supports Multiple Web Cams).
|_Audio Stream (Supports Multiple Input Devices/Save Recorded Streams as .wav Format).
|_Key Logger (Unicode, GMT/24-Hours Format Options).
|_USB Drives (Copy Files To USB/Custom Autorun.inf File, Copy USB Files to Local Application Data Folder).

– Information
|_PC Information
|_Server Information
|_User Accounts
|_Available Accounts
|_Logon Sessions
|_Installed Apps.
|_Network Adapters
|_Active Ports

– Passwords
|_Instant Messengers (Live MSN, Google Talk, Trillian, Miranda, GAIM, Pidgin, Paltalk, IMVU).
|_Web Browsers (Firefox 2/3/3.5, Internet Explorer 7/8, Google Chrome, Opera (All Versions).
|_Misc Passwords (No-IP DUC, Microsoft Product Keys, FileZilla, IDM Site Logins, DynDNS Client).

– Miscellaneous
|_Memory Execute (Execute From HTTP or From Local)
|_Message Box
|_Remote Chat
|_Command Prompt
|_Suspend Options
|_Script Creator

– Net Tools
|_WLM Sniffer (Sniffs all Incoming/Outgoing MSN Conversations)
|_Web Transfers (HTTP Download/FTP Upload/FTP Download)
|_Host Redirect

Plugins (Delphi/C Framework Included) :
|_File/Folder Zipper
|_Socks 4 Server
|_Classic Fun Stuff
|_Disk Utilities (Low Level Format/Check Disk Using ‘fmifs.dll’)
|_User Assist (List Execution Date of Applications From Registry)


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