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Stellar Drive Defrag, defrags Mac hard drive, organizes free space, and thus optimizes Mac?s performance. This tool even works on boot volume by creating Mac bootable DVD. Some of the very efficient features of this tool are defragmentation of Mac files i.e. the tool collects all logically related pieces of scattered file and locates them at nearby locations and hence reduces fragments of that file. Moreover, this tool facilitates you to either defrag single or multiple files simultaneously. You can also optimize the free space available on your hard drive and thus keep all the free space at one place to avoid fragmentations. This certainly reduces the disk head movement and thus increases the performance of your Mac. Some other features of this software are it performs full defragmentation on your hard drive. The tool very accurately determines the complete space allocation on your hard drive and then effectively defrags everything present on the drive such as files, metadata, and all unused space. This tool categorizes the space of the hard disk through various attributes including allocation, fragmented data, unused space, and overflow. This reliable software also defrags all metadata files present in your system such as catalog, attribute files, extent overflow, and allocation. Through Quick Defragment option of the software, you can defrag all fragmented files on your Mac volume. Therefore, this option eliminates the need of full defragmentation of Mac hard drive or volume. The option to create Mac bootable DVD lets you defrag even the boot volume of your Mac. However, if you are using Lion, then you need to download the bootable image (.dmgk file) and then burn it on a DVD to defrag the bootable partition of Mountain Lion. To analyze this software, you can download its free demo version. The demo version of the software shows the allocation of free space on various levels and displays the files of selected volume. For actual defrag, you have to purchase the product.


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