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Stellar Volume Optimizer is a comprehensive tool that helps you resolve a series of volume errors in Mac OS X. The software can correct minor errors without having to rebuild the volume directory for resolving issues encountered when opening, saving, or deleting files on the volume. If the volume is severely damaged, the rebuilds the volume directory. This enables you to mount the volume again and regain access to all the lost invaluable data. Directory contains information about all files and folders on your OS X drive. This information needs to be updated regularly in order for your Mac to function properly. Directory damage occurs due to unexpected failures (like kernel panics, crashes) that tend to save corrupt data to the disk or fail to update the directory information at all. Stellar Volume Optimizer helps you resolve any type of 
minor or major corruption in the Mac OS X directory. With the help of this utility you can resolve a range of errors on your Mac volume, such as 'Invalid key length', 'Invalid index key', and ‘Invalid leaf record count’. The tool has an impressive option that lets you rollback or revert the volume to its previous state, if it fails to make the repair and correct errors. You can also set ‘General’ preferences in the software for specifying the frequency for checking of software updates. Stellar Volume Optimizer has an interactive, easy-to-use interface to enable you to make repairs without having to do much on your part. You can easily gain expertise in using the tool by following simple instructions provided in the main interface. With this OS X Drive Repair utility, it is possible to verify permissions on various Apple-originated files and folders stored on your OS X boot volume. The tool works for both the boot volume as well as secondary Mac volumes. To repair the boot volume, you need to create a bootable DVD using Stellar Volume Optimizer and then boot your Mac through this bootable disc.
Key Features:
Stellar Volume Optimizer fixes a range of volume errors in Mac OS X
Stellar Volume Optimizer corrects a large number of volume errors in Mac.
It repairs and rebuilds the corrupt volume directory if your OS X volume is severely damaged
The tool replaces the old directory with the newly created one.


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