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System Revert is designed to protect the whole system or just selected drives from being permanently changed.

System Revert can run your system in a virtual enviroment and redirect information being written to the hard drive, leaving the original data intact.

System Revert can also protect a computer against viruses and malwares. Although it does not provide traditional antimalware protection, it removes malwares and all changes made by them on protected drives at system reboot.

System Revert discards any modifications made on protected drives and returns the protected drives to a pre-defined state at each restart.

System Revert Features:

  • Restores protected computer to the original state each time the computer restarts.
  • Allows to install and try any software without affecting the computer.
  • Rollbacks changes made by any viruses and malwares.
  • Commit support which allows to save files and directories permanently to the real system.
  • Commit adjustment by specifying files and directories that allowed to be committed.
  • Allows to view the original state of a protected drive by mounting it as a virtual drive.
  • Multiple hard drives and partitions protection support.
  • NTFS, FAT32 and FAT file systems support.
  • Basic and dynamic disks support.
  • Password protection of program settings.
  • Doesn't preallocate disk space for disk protection.


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