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This System Is Not For Everyone.

The Bright Network lets members create a secure private email network, which operates completely independent from public email systems. The member invites users into the network and allows secure communication between invited users. THE SIZE OF YOUR PRIVATE EMAIL NETWORK SOLELY DEPENDS ON THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE YOU INVITE INTO YOUR PRIVATE EMAIL NETWORK.

Creating Networks

As the owner of your network within The Bright Network Private Email Service you create your own name (ex., used only by you and your group of invited users on The Bright Network.

No Outside Access

Your network will be located within a secure server prohibiting outside access. Only the member and his or her invited members will have access to their private email network.

High Level of Trust

Having a unique private email network within The Bright Network ensures you will not receive unsolicited emails, spam or other unwanted email. You communicate within your network with a level of trust and security that was previously unavailable to individuals and businesses.

Never Leaves our Servers

The Bright Network allows you to communicate with a private network of users that you select. Secure communication within your network will never leave our servers. Therefore each private network member and user can rest assured that an email addressed to someone outside of the network will not be delivered.

Quick and Easy

Inviting users into your private email network is quick and easy. Once you sign up with The Bright Network you will receive simple instructions on inviting users into your unique private email network.

Delete means Delete

Unlike other email providers, when you delete an email on The Bright Network, the email is permanently deleted from our servers within 24 hours. This gives our users the highest level of email privacy and security available.

No Data Mining

The Bright Network does not participate in data mining or the selling of data to third party companies for advertising or data collection purposes.

Auto Logout

Bright Network accounts are automatically logged out after a period of inactivity. This allows peace of mind in the event your computer or mobile device is compromised.


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