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Complete Irimia Octavian, The PHP Admin Panel Description Below

Listing of a database table, including related
– Simple CSS based design
– Mobile support
– Multiple filters, multiple delete, sorting by available fields
– File manager:
    o Easy to create a photo gallery or associate an avatar.
    o Multiple files (any kind) related to one record.
    o Files can have an order number, inserted by you.
    o Images options: resize, rotate, watermark (even for each size)
– PDO database support – just add your driver and make minor changes if needed. The support for other drivers was not tested but should be easy to integrate.
– Export CSV – with current filters and current sorting.
– User management and roles: create multiple users to manage your admin panel and give custom privileges, like: insert, delete, view
– 2 levels vertical menu
– Multilanguage support
– Log any action as a serialized array of requests (only insert, without interface)
– The package includes examples for:
    o Users management
    o Static content
    o Articles
        – Categories
        – List of articles
    o Simple pool system
        – Questions
        – Answers
    o Contact form
    o Photo gallery


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