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Tipard iPhone Manager for SMS is the valuable iPhone SMS Manager for you to copy, backup and manage iPhone SMS to avoid the SMS missing or the full SMS box before iPhone reject receiving new SMS.

You can directly copy iPhone SMS to computer as .txt files without any loss. Moreover, with this iPhone SMS Manager, you can delete unwanted messages in the backup file. Also you can define the specific path for the copied files. Plus, it has been updated to support newest iOS 5, iTunes 10.5 and various iPhone 4S files now.

Key Functions:

1. Copy iPhone SMS files to local disk You can directly copy all the SMS or just choose the specific message of the specific contact.

2. Backup current SMS to computer You can backup all the SMS on the iPhone device at the time at the default folder.

3. Delete the SMS on the backup files Directly delete all the SMS or your selected SMS that you do not need on the backup files.
4. Transfer all your contacts to PC You are allowed to freely transfer your iPhone Contacts to PC from loss.
5. Backup all your contacts for safety You can backup your contacts files as database file for safety.

6. Choose to copy the specific files and all You can copy all the SMS files on the iPhone or just copy the specific SMS and directly save as .txt files.

7. Choose to delete all the files or the specific file You can delete all files or the specific files of the specific contact.

8. Intuitive interface The user-friendly interface of this iPhone Manager for SMS will make the operation so easy that even beginners can finish the management operation fast and easily.



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