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Efficient Meetings from the agenda to the meeting minutes

The online-service "Topicshuttle" supports recurring meetings with a fully automated workflow with agenda, task list and meeting minutes

Regularly recurring meetings usually run from the same scheme. On the basis of an agenda, a meeting will be held, where informations are discussed, decisions are taken and tasks are assigned. Afterwards the draft minutes are distributed, coordinated, and finally sent. The tasks are moved in a to-do list.

All these steps Topicshuttle supports automatically and completely. Each recipient receives the minutes and its associated tasks, a separate to-do list is unnecessary. Guests receive only the minutes excerpts in which they were present. Special task recipients can be defined, which only receive tasks.

All tasks can be commented or reported as finished and automatically show up in the next agenda again, so that no information is lost. Work results can also stored as files, allowing optimum meeting preparation.

The meeting minutes can be created in PDF or Microsoft Word format. To-do lists can be downloaded in Microsoft Excel format.

It is possible to create sub-users to create their own meetings or can support you for delegation or as a proxy. An entrie company can use the system with only one registration.

The service is actually available in English and German.



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