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Traffic Inspector, network monitoring software, was developed to integrate and complement the diversity of network capabilities of OS Microsoft Windows, so you do not have to make special settings. Everything that worked before will work after you install the program; you only need to set up user authorisations. Traffic Inspector will enable you to accomplish the majority of tasks arising when you are connecting to the Internet:

Control Internet Access & Traffic

Users can work both directly, through NAT, or through the proxy server. A separate account is created for each user and all their actions on the Internet are displayed in simple and understandable reports.

Accounting for Traffic

Accounting for traffic is per byte for each user, and you determine the unit of accounting, limits, blocks, filters and schedules. The certified billing system guarantees precise calculations.

Proxy Server & Economy

Traffic Inspector proxy server allows caching of frequently-used Internet resources, as well as blocking banners, ads, graphics, music or videos, and the banning of unwanted sites or sections.

Network Security. Firewall

Network protection is organised at two levels: the firewall provides protection against external network attacks, and the system of locks and alarm at excessive network activity is used for internal security control. 

Antivirus Protection

Traffic Inspector checks continuously for network infections by viruses. It checks traffic through the proxy server and the mail gateway with the help of additional modules for antivirus protection.

Speed Control & Routing

Traffic Inspector allows you to set speed limits for users or groups with dynamic load; Advanced Routing system makes it possible to send traffic to different access channels, including satellite.

Spam Filtering

The Traffic Inspector mail gateway allows you to block spam on the internal mail server. You can filter incoming email messages using “black” and “white” lists, delivery rules, etc.

Remote Control & Statistics

The program has a number of tools for the remote management and monitoring of the system. Using Traffic Inspector, you will always know about the state of the network, wherever you are.


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