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A program for amateur radio digital communications via a sound card. Supported modes are RTTY (Baudot code), ASCII (7 or 8 bits), PSK31 (BPSK and QPSK), BPSK63, AMTOR-FEC (SITOR-B, NAVTEX), MultiFSK-16, MultiFSK-8. HF-PACKET and UHF-PACKET (AX25) are supported in KISS-TNC emulation mode. SELFEC SITOR, AMTOR-ARQ (SITOR-A) and DTMF-code decoding is also possible. No additional hardware is required. You only need a transceiver and computer with a sound card. A simple circuit for PTT-control can be used. It is fast and convenient to use with many macros for transmitting. Can integrate with AALog logger.

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