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When we first bring a new computer home, it is usually pretty fast and works flawlessly. However, most of us are surprised by performance deterioration that happens only a few months from when you first start using your PC. You may notice that most things start running slower than before, you may get occasional freezes or even crashes, web browsing gets slower even if you switch to a higher-speed package with your ISP, and files overtake your large hard drive as if it were only a few gigabytes in size. 

PCSuite from TweakBit presents an effective solution to most of these issues and more. The software comes as a comprehensive package of tools to clean, fix, tweak, speed up and optimize your PC, as well as to protect your privacy, improve your PC’s security, recover deleted data, manage your multiple web browsers and a lot more.

Here is what PCSuite can do for your online experience:

  • Smoother and faster web browsing
  • Quicker downloads
  • Smoother online video playback
  • Uninterrupted audio and video calls and chats
  • Easy management of browser plugins, home pages and search boxes

To make everything else on your PC go faster, the program will:

  • Clean out junk and defragment your hard drive
  • Clean, repair and defragment your registry
  • Optimize system settings for best performance
  • Find and remove duplicate files to free up space
  • Help disable unneeded startup items for faster boots
  • Help uninstall unneeded software
  • Manage tasks and services for best resource allocation

Besides that, you will be able to securely shred confidential files, wipe free space on your hard drive to prevent data recovery or recover accidentally deleted files, as well as manage locked files, locate and repair disk errors and schedule automatic maintenance for the time that’s convenient for you. With PCSuite installed and used, your computer can keep running fast and smooth for a lot longer providing for a more enjoyable user experience.


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