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In the course of a day, many of us attach several USB flash drives to our computers. Even though almost every computer has an antivirus solution installed on it nowadays, there is still a chance that attaching a random USB drive containing a virus that the antivirus is not be able to detect yet will result in an infected computer. Also, some of us who practice safe downloading habits and choose not to keep a full antivirus software running in the background are also subject to catching viruses from USB flash drivers of our friends that we may connect to the computer for transferring some files. Many of these viruses don’t even require you to access the drive, and can spread through the system as soon as the auto run feature kicks in. USB-AV is an application for Windows that allows you to keep a check on all the connected USB drives and scan them for malware as soon as you plug them in.

  • When a new USB drive is plugged in, USB-AV instantly scans it for viruses and malware and if any are found, they are immediately quarantined. The application also allows you to lock all the USB ports of your computer so that no new USB drives can be attached. The information about all the detected viruses and malwares, the connected USB drives, and events is recorded and can be exported to view later.
  • After you install the application, a window pops up in the lower right corner of your screen assuring you of the protected status of your computer.
  • When you attach a USB drive, the applications scans all of its contents by default. You don’t need to manually launch the program or select the connected drive to scan it.
  • If any threats are found, they are immediately moved to Quarantine and you are notified about the infected files in the lower right corner.
  • Even after you close the notification window, the tool keeps running quietly in the system tray. Right-clicking its icon lets you access the provided options such as manually launching a Scan For Viruses, open the app’s Settings, Reports and Quarantine dialog boxes, and changing the Security level for the attached USB drives. You can choose to Lock USB Connections and Disable USB Write access.
  • As threats are detected, they are immediately sent to the Quarantine. Reports about all the threats, information about previously and currently connected drives, and other events can be viewed in the Reports dialog box.
  • The Settings menu lets you configure the General Settings, Custom Scan options, Reports, Vaccine, Notifications, and Compatibility settings.
  • USB-AV works on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.


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