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Valid Email Verifier is a kind of software that can verify an email address. It helps anyone to make proper use of SMTP server and maintain a large list neat and clean. Its 3 types of different email verification system can provide 100% correct result. Most verifier does not work due to port blockage. Valid Email Verifier uses different ports for validating email address. This features makes it the only available working Email Verifier in market. We know, now a day it is too much difficult for anyone to do a successful email marketing campaign. The most important thing is to make the best use of valuable SMTP resources. So, you will send all valid mails and you will get a good result without any bounce result. It will also help you to keep your Goggle account active for more days. As mail server will disable your mail if you send too much bounce mail. Also this software will reduce your time and save money. Same is applied for paid SMTP server. So, why waste money?
Valid Email Verifier connects via HTTP web server using a different port rather than port 25. Then it check a specific id and receive information from server. This technique provides 100% accurate result.

Valid Email Verifier works too fast. It is multi threaded and is able to check multiple addresses at a time.

Valid Email Verifier works upon 3 types of email verification method. i) Verify Syntax ii) Verify Domain iii) 100% Verification. 100% email verification method is most accurate and customizable. This email verifier works as same as Internet Service Provider's mail server. It really check whether the email box is active or not. Valid Email Verifier can also detect disabled address. # User can import email ids from a wide range of file types (text, Comma Delimited File, Excel). This verifier can also extract email ids from a text file. Also it has rich export features (Text, Excel, Comma Delimited File, Word, HTML). Please note, Export option is disabled in Trial Version.


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