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Vehicle Pro is a piece of advanced software for Fleet and Vehicle Management that effectively manages virtually any aspect of vehicle and fleet operations for companies of any size, from a full scale corporation to an aspiring small business.

Vehicle Pro will become any company’s invaluable resource through:
• Analyzing trends
• Delivering comprehensive reports
• Identifying deficiencies
• Issuing reminders about tasks and documents

This allows a company to better understand its fleet operation clearly and contributes to increased productivity and cost efficiency.

Vehicle Pro does this by using a simple yet comprehensive reporting system that delivers a tremendous amount of information at a glance.

Fuel Consumption Tracking
Track fuel consumption history, analyze fuel efficiency, and fuel consumption trends. Identify inefficient routes and unnecessary costs so
adjustments can be made to save substantial amounts of money.

Extensive Reporting
Generate reports on virtually all aspects related to your fleet operations from existing or predefined templates and export them to a .CSV format. Choose from more than 30 available templates and if you need more, let us know and we can customize one for you.

Asset and Inventory Management
Store logs of drivers, vehicles, equipment, documents, insurance, fuel cards, and more in one readily accessible location.

Tasks, Orders and Costs Management
Control the overall operations of your fleet from vehicle acquisition to disposal. Maintain vehicles and equipment to extend their useful life, control fleet growth and accurately budget for maintenance and replacement costs.

Risk Management
Streamline the operations of your fleet and protect your assets by controlling and identifying re-occurring costly accidents, repairs, poor driver
habits, inspections, and traffic violations. Determine fleet loss factors and eliminate the causes effectively.

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