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VIP Files Protector is a mighty encryption and shredding software with which all personal information stored in your computer becomes fully confidential. The program can shred, hide, encrypt and decrypt files in a click with robust algorithms used in DOD and CIA. You can indeed stop worrying that your private data may be read and used by rivals, spouse, children, co-workers or government. VIP Files Protector encrypts and decrypts files in one click with 18 encryption algorithms and other effective means in order to ensure that no one but you will have access to files, folders or drives with personal information. Besides you can simply hide files, folders or even disks from Explorer and no one except you will see them. You can also shred files with 11 strong failproof algorithms to make certain that nobody can restore previously deleted files. VIP Files Protector makes your personal information and sensitive documents fully impenetrable and secure. This is absolutely indispensable both for home usage and commercial purposes. Let your personal data be fully private with VIP Files Protector!


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