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VIP Privacy is a perfect tool for your private info protection. Do you know that many users applications and your Operating System collect and store information about your personally and your systems configuration? This helps to facilitate your using web services such as Customers Support or any Internet shops. But there are many malefactors that will try to steal that information and use it for their own purposes. To prevent that from happening is the main aim of VIP Privacy. VIP Privacy lets you search and safely clean up all information stored inside your system and installed applications. It does not in any way delete any private files nor it changes the contents of users documents. It is only the information collected by different applications that is actually being removed without interfering with the systems and applications performance. VIP Privacy knows about 700 applications and several thousand system leaks storing the users personal data that can be stolen and used by malefactors. Let VIP Privacy become the trustful guard of your secrets. Your personal data will always be safe with this great tool!


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