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Detailed Softvit LLC, Vitainterface 2014 Description Directly below

The aim of Vitainterface is to solve three main problems, that users of Microsoft Windows OS are often facing:

  1. The problem of convenience and simplicity. Is solved by using a fast and multifunctional web browser that has quick access to the most popular sites, web services and games, file manager, a variety of media devices, as well as the wide range of other useful features and gadgets. Users no longer need to master the complex structure of Windows, now you they are only one click away from VitaInterface 2014 to produce the desired result.

    Our browser has passed an independent speed and performance test and surpassed the 6 major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Safari and Yandex.

  2. The problem of choice. Is solved by the built-in VitaInterface 2014 easy access to the best services and websites for online shopping, social networking, inquiries and the most reliable information that is provided by the project partners, such as, and others. Users will not get lost in the crowded world of the internet, you just launch VitaInterface 2014 and the best choices are already made.

  3. The issue of security. It is solved in a complex scale, ensuring the security of personal data through 9 levels of protection. The user can:

    • lock the system with his own password to protect his PC from unauthorized access;
    • make files and folders invisible by hiding them in a way that no one will ever suspect their existed in the first place;
    • quickly encrypt files, if there is an urgent necessity;
    • encrypt files with the strongest algorithm so that even if they are copied to another electronic device, they can not be decrypted;
    • block any fixed and removable drives from unwanted access;
    • completely destroy files, without an opportunity to recover them even with any special software;
    • store data in online cloud environment to protect against dataloss;
    • get an anti-virus software from our world known trusted partner;
    • while using the browser, user can be sure, that no one is able to use his personal social network account, see what kind of video he watched or what pages did he visit. We protect all browser data – from passwords and history up to cookies and downloads.


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