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Website Meta Tag Extractor tool ca harvest meta tags such as Title, description, Keywords, etc. from web pages in bulk. The tool explores the web pages with the assistance of given URLs. Users have the facility to dump as many URLs as they want. The advantage of this tool is its ability to extract tags even from the URLs present in the web page. Thus it does an extra work for the users.

This Meta tag grabber tool has the capacity to execute thousands of URLs in one go. Users have multiple choices to dump URLs. Even if they have URLs saved in Excel or Text file they can easily employ them for the extraction process. The tool has a default choice of harvesting meta tags i.e. title, description, keywords, etc. quickly. But it gives you another choice to add more tag names such as Heading, Author, etc. for extraction. Thus there are multiple ways of extracting metadata from web pages with the help of this tool.

Along with the extracting feature it also has saving options for the user. The extracted meta tags can be kept either in Text or in Excel file format for future use. A tool like this can be very advantageous for two departments- SEO & Web Developers. They can explore data over Web pages in infinite number. The software works exactly as commanded by the user in the shortest span of time. It is indeed the best meta tag harvester tool available at an economic price.


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